Your privacy is important.  This statement describes how this website collects, protects and uses your information.

This policy may be updated or amended at our discretion.  Updates or amendments will be posted here and any user of this website (henceforth referred to as “you”) is responsible for familiarizing themselves with this policy and any changes.

This privacy policy was last updated on 19 November 2016.

Data collection:

This website collects certain user information to provide products and services.  We also collect and analyze data to better understand how visitors use this website, which allows an improved user experience.  User data (your data) may be collected through three methods: (1) when you provide it directly; (2) through passive collection (example: using cookies); or (3) using reputable third parties (example: banks).  More information on cookies is available for you to review here: and here:  If you want to opt out of the passive collection of your personal data through the use of cookies, you must manage this on your own using the settings of your web browser (note that this may affect performance and features).

Information that we may collect includes:

  1. your name;
  2. your computer’s information (may include: IP address, geographical location; browser type);
  3. contact information including email address;
  4. general demographics (examples: postal code, gender, hobbies);
  5. website usage data (may include: duration of visit, page views, navigation path; referral source);
  6. information relevant to special offers and/or surveys;
  7. information or data that you post (example: comments, survey answers or suggestions);
  8. subscription information (examples: your email address, your birthdate; your name)

You are responsible for obtaining appropriate permission before providing any information about someone else.

Any information collected may be used for:

  1. this website’s records;
  2. facilitation of online purchases;
  3. delivering you purchased services or goods;
  4. the improvement or facilitation of our products or services;
  5. replying to an enquiry;
  6. keeping you updated on scienceosaurus additions or improvements;
  7. delivering requested communications or newsletters;
  8. allowing you to post comments;
  9. keeping you appraised of specials, products, sales or services;
  10. providing anonymous statistical data to third parties;
  11. maintaining security;
  12. responding to questions or complaints.

Financial transactions:

All of the financial transactions carried out on will be facilitated by the payment service provider Stripe.  Stripe’s privacy policy can be found at:  No unnecessary (i.e. for direct transaction purposes) sharing of your financial information will take place between and Stripe.


Any information that you provide to this website ( will always be kept secure to the best ability of this website’s authors and managers.  Security precautions will include encryption of financial data, password and firewall protection for the website’s server, and limiting access of scienceosaurus personnel to only what is necessary and/or appropriate.

Despite our best efforts to keep your data secure, you accept all responsibility for sending your personal information over the internet, which is an inherently insecure practice.  You hereby acknowledge that no data transmissions are 100% secure.

If you generate a password for accessing features of this website, you are responsible of its safe storage and use.

Global data transfers:

Your information may be transferred and/or stored and/or processed internationally.  This includes nations like the United States of America, India and Russia, which are not part of the European Union.  By using, you give permission for these international data transfers and accept responsibility for any potential data use (or misuse) by other internet users that are not affiliated with

Controlling and storing information about you: and its manager(s) will not store your personal information for any longer than legally required, or necessary to complete transactions, or to facilitate communication.  If necessary, (or its owner or managers) may store your personal data for the purposes of legally defending its owner, manager(s) or other employees/authors.

Use of social media providers and linked (hyperlinked) content:

We use social media widgets (packages of code) that enable you to easily interact with social media platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, directly from our site.  Any interaction that you have with these social media platforms is governed by the privacy policies of those social media companies.

We provide links to other websites.  If you use these links to navigate away from this site, you need to review the privacy policy of the new website (the Scienceosaurus privacy policy will no longer be relevant).

We are not responsible for the conduct or privacy policies of other websites.

Your options:

You may stop receiving promotional or other contact/subscription emails whenever you want.  You can do this by following the opt out directions on any emails that you receive.

You can deactivate any accounts that you have created with whenever you want.  You are also free to update any personal information that you may have provided us.

You are free to request the removal of any of your personal information that you may have provided us.  It may be the case that we are not able to remove your personal information; if so, we will inform you.

If you request that personal information be returned to you, Scienceosaurus may require you to prove your identity.  This may be done by providing a photocopy of a passport or other government-issued identification that has been certified and stamped by a solicitor or lawyer.  You are responsible for any fees that this may require, including the postage of the certified photocopy.  You may also be required to pay a fee of USD$15 to Scienceosaurus or its owner for the processing of your data and the verification of your identity.

Important note: if we are able to remove your information or make it anonymous within our records, this does not ensure that it has been removed or anonymized from the entire internet.

Scienceosaurus official details:

This website is owned and operated by Jared Peters.

The Scienceosaurus shop has no physical presence, but is based out of Pennsylvania, USA.

Please feel free to contact us using the contact us form.